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DE BEERS GROUP | BRAND Exploring the journey of a diamond for De Beers’ learning division

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The Challenge

De Beers Institute of Diamonds is the world’s leading diamond company’s educational branch. They design and deliver technologies and training to help students gain enhanced knowledge of diamonds, drawing on insights from the full spectrum of the diamond pipeline. 

De Beers needed a solution to help educate new starters on the journey of a diamond, from the start of its life to it being bought as a treasured item. At the same time, the solution needed to showcase De Beers Group as experts across diamond exploration, mining, grading, marketing and retail.

The Solution

We created a film showcasing the De Beers legacy, processes and values. The bold graphics of the video, combined with live-action footage, gave it a warm and positive atmosphere, while the hand-drawn illustrated style gave a personal and unique touch to the execution.


The video received a great response within the De Beers Group, and was not only used as part of the learning material but also shown at international events.

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