Our approach

At Nucco, we create beautifully simple projects.

Beautiful. Because it forges an emotional connection, and people act on what they feel.

Simple. Because even the most complicated challenge holds a communicable truth.

Since 2013 we’ve used digital storytelling and interactive experiences to produce projects for the financial, technology, industrial, energy, pharmaceutical and retail sectors – along with many others for non-profit, learning and governmental bodies. 

In 2017, we joined UNIT9 and expanded our offering globally. With a team consisting of 17 nationalities and offices in Europe, the US and Asia, we continue to work hard to ensure our team reflects our diverse global audiences. 

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Press Release: New MD and Brand

The visual storytelling and animation studio, Nucco Brain, has strengthened its senior management team and repositioned itself to capitalise on strong growth.

“When we stopped and looked at the innovative work we do for our clients, including digital streaming events, interactive content programmes, virtual and augmented reality experiences, it became clear that there was an opportunity to build on our existing success as an animation studio and reposition ourselves as communication and experience experts that change behaviour and perspectives”, according to Stefano Marrone, CEO.

As part of the repositioning, the agency describes their work as "beautifully simple," acknowledging their focus on achieving emotional and rational appeal.

Changes to the management team include founder Stefano Marrone shifting to a CEO role to make room for Mark Iremonger to take over as MD in the UK.  With this appointment Mark returns as MD to UNIT9 Group after a twenty-year break during which he led the digital transformation of Proximity BBDO before being CSO, then CEO of Hearst owned iCrossing UK.  Mark will lead the UK business, working with Production Partner Camilla Zucchi, and Creative Partner Alistair Robertson, while Stefano Marrone focuses on growing Nucco’s existing successful business in the US, with Partner Adam Blumenthal.

“Nucco stands on the shoulders of giants with the backing of the world-leading UNIT9 production group.  We have amazing clients and partners, from Google Jigsaw and DeBeers, through the European Space Agency to UBS, JP Morgan and Deloitte.  We have an extraordinarily wide set of creative and technology tools and talent to draw on to create communications and experiences that cut through today’s overwhelming information landscape.  Nucco’s results are extraordinary.”  said Mark Iremonger.

About Nucco

We are communication and experience experts that change behaviour and perspectives. We use the power of creativity in emerging technology to create projects ranging from film and animation through websites and deeply immersive AR and VR experiences.

Nucco is part of UNIT9,  AdAge Production Company of the Year 2019 and Campaign Tech Company of the Year 2020.  One of the world’s leading creative, digital and content production groups.

Past Event: Marketing the Unmarketable

We hosted an event on March 31st to discuss how to use content to tell sensitive stories, and to push the boundaries of what is considered taboo.

Marketing the UnmarketableEventImage-1

About this event

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an eruption of well-executed campaigns about subjects that have previously been considered ‘taboo’ from Libresse’s #wombstories to LADBible discussing mental health. Brands are using their platforms to discuss topics previously forbidden in society and using digital tools, and content, as tools to do so.

So, how do you ensure that you can discuss taboo or touchy topics in the right way, that won’t cause a brand backlash? How do you stand up for something that has been previously deemed forbidden? How do you get stakeholders behind you? How do you tell tricky stories in a delicate way?

Our speakers included:

Suzi Shingler - Campaign Manager at Alliance to Save our Antibiotics
Kevin Tewin-Allen - CMO of the Street Soccer Foundation and Managing Director of Preen
Fiona Callister - Global Head of Media at WaterAid
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