About us

We are communication and experience experts that change behaviour and perspectives. As part of UNIT9, we are powered by one of the world’s leading creative, digital and content production companies.

Our values

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Act with integrity, honesty and respect all those around you no matter their gender, ethnicity and sexuality.

Give a damn

Good enough isn’t good enough. Whatever we are creating and whoever we are working with, strive to imagine, produce and deliver the highest standards in creativity, technology and innovation.

Show up

Whatever the project, client or challenge we bring our best and never shirk our responsibilities or stop being accountable to those around us. We are all better when we work together.

Everyday is a school day

Whether we’re learning new skills or discovering more about our client's businesses, we approach every situation with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Keep it simple

With a little creativity, common sense and belief, any challenge can be tackled and surmounted. 

Our people

We’re strategists, designers, producers, animators, client managers, writers, tech-heads and storytellers. We work hard to provide an inclusive environment for our diverse multinational team. Meet them below.

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Alistair Robertson
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Our commitment to equal pay

It is a legal requirement for UK businesses with more than 250 employees to publish gender pay gap data. As a small business, we don't need to do this. However, gender equality is an industry challenge, and we believe transparency will help drive positive change. With this in mind, we share our data here, based on a July 2021 snapshot, using the UK government's methodology.

At Nucco, for every £1.00 that males receive, females receive £0.95. This means our gender pay gap is 5%.

For comparison, The Drum recently reported an aggregated number for the advertising and marketing industry in the UK in 2021 of 17.85%. It is possible to see individual larger UK agencies on the government's website. For example, WPP's Wunderman Thompson pay female employees £0.79 for every £1.00 paid to males, so their salary pay gap is 21%. For Omnicom's Rapp, it is £0.84 for every £1.00 paid to males, which makes their gap 16%.

There is never a perfect 0% score because the data is based on actual salaries, so while we are happy to have a small gap (which tilts either way towards males or females), we are vigilant to keep it that way. The challenge of reporting these numbers for a small business is that individual staff changes can significantly shift the numbers.

The following graphs add more depth to this.

The methodology is to take all permanent staff, divide them into four equal groups based on their remuneration. This is used to calculate pay gaps. The four groups represent low, middle-low, middle-high, and highest-paid people. Once this data is analysed, it reports a percentage score. If the percentage score is negative, females are paid more than males. If positive, males receive more than females. The government method requires non-binary employee data to be excluded from the data.

Salary Pay Gap 1

The following graph needs a little more explaining. It shows median and mean data (it's worth reading the government methodology if you want to know more about this).

At Nucco, using an average (mean) measure, males earn 7% more than females in the highest salary group, while females earn 8% more than males in the high-mid group.

The imbalance is amongst the lowest salary earners, where males earn 30% more, reveals the problem of applying the methodology to a small company. It reflects that when this snapshot was taken, we had only two new starter interns/graduates, both of whom are female.

Gender Pay Gap 1

Nucco has an equal 50/50 gender split.

The final graph shows gender split overall, and by the four salary groups. 77% of the highest-paid roles are male. Females represent 77% of the high-mid salaries at Nucco.

Gender Split 1

Our ambition is to be a business that people love because of our culture and our work. When we talk about people in this context, we include our staff, partners and clients.

If you would like to work with us at Nucco or get in touch, you can contact us here.


People News: Welcoming five new starters to Nucco

We are delighted to announce several new starters at Nucco in the roles of Senior Producer, Creative Director, New Business Director, Senior Account Manager, and Designer.  

Welcoming new Nucco starters-2

With over 12 years of production experience, Andrew Weston joins us as a Senior Producer. He has experience producing short- and long-form content, from successful branded content pieces for Vodafone, Sony Playstation and Pernod Ricard, to human-driven storytelling in documentaries for Red Bull and Nat Geo. Documentaries that he has worked on have gone on to garner critical acclaim, the most recent being 'Noma, My Perfect Storm'. To connect with Andrew, you can find his Linkedin here or send him an email here

Joe Hodgkiss joins us as our new Creative Director. He has over ten years of experience in the creative industries, working with global clients in sectors varying from finance and engineering to music and hospitality. With a background in delivering winning creative for both B2B and B2C clients, Joe has worked across a broad spectrum of the industry, from branding and illustration to motion and digital campaigns. Joe spends his spare time following a historically rubbish football club and doting on his cat. To connect with Joe, you can send him an email here

Dominic McWilliam joins us as our New Business Director. Dominic has over a decade of experience working through the media landscape, working on brands such as Red Bull, L'Oreal, Hugo Boss, and Coca Cola, and is not planning on stopping anytime soon. He is a lover of all sports and can be found on the occasional wedding dance floor. To connect with Dominic, you can find his Linkedin here or send him an email here

Lauren Watson joins us as a Senior Account Manager. She has over eight years of integrated marketing experience, supporting clients with digital, branding, and creative projects across London and Manchester (UK). Lauren has successfully developed and executed innovative marketing initiatives and creative concepts that deliver against business objectives and drive growth. She loves to travel, experience different surroundings and meet new people. Passionate about innovative design, digital transformation, and tech, she is all about creating impactful work with purpose. To connect with Lauren, you can find her Linkedin here or send her an email here

Finally, Vinnie Skilton joins us as our new Designer. Vinnie is a young designer with a BA in Graphic Design from Arts University Bournemouth. He believes in simplicity and modernism within every project and in communicating effectively through beautiful work. To connect with Vinnie, you can find his Linkedin here or send him an email here.

Awards: Nucco Named as Clutch 2022 Leader for UK’s Content Marketing Space

The reviews and rating platform Clutch has released its 2022 iteration of the best service providers in the UK. The companies included in this list demonstrated their dedication to their clients throughout the past twelve months. Following their extensive research, analysts from the team found that Nucco is among the highest-ranking content marketing experts in the United Kingdom for 2022!

Clutch (1)

Thanks to all our clients who helped us achieve this award! We dedicate this award to the support and trust you’ve given us. The reviews that we’ve received from our clients help us gain recognition and open countless opportunities.

At Nucco, we help our clients connect with their audiences through powerful creative and emerging technologies. We are a team of communication and experience experts, creating projects ranging from film and animation through websites and deeply immersive AR and VR experiences.

If you’d like to discuss your next great idea with us, feel free to drop us a line. Content marketing isn’t the only service we offer — find out more here

Featured In: The Drum Metaverse Roundtable

The industry is in a doe-eyed early courtship with whatever the Metaverse will become, but there’s space for caution and scepticism too. To capture the excitement of the moment, our founder, Stefano Marrone, recently participated in a roundtable hosted by The Drum on the Metaverse and several other industry experts.


Check out the article to read his thoughts and hopes for the future of the Metaverse!

Awards: Nominated for a Social Purpose Drum Award

The awards for socially responsible marketing

In the Best Use of Technology category, we're delighted to announce that our VR learning experience for Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has been nominated for a Social Purpose Drum Award!


AWARDS-BADGES-Finalist_Social-PurposeThird level students are increasingly opting out of complex study areas because they are perceived as boring. This has serious implications for the future, so we set out with SNHU to see if we could attract and retain students by improving the learning experience of complex subject areas using cutting edge technology.

SNHU is an innovative institution of higher education in the United States. Its mission is to expand and improve access to education by creating high quality, affordable and innovative pathways to meet the unique needs of every learner. SNHU has a significant focus on social impact, understanding that opportunity is not universally distributed. They aim to provide access to education for underserved, marginalised and non-traditional learners and are passionate about implementing technology in the classroom to improve the experience.
The Innovation Center at SNHU asked us to design and build a virtual reality (VR) based active learning experience for one of their more complex courses, Biopsychology, to see if we could improve the learning experience, increase student motivation for the material, and experiment with a technology that is likely to offer high-quality inclusive learning experiences for students
of the future.

Congratulations to all those that worked on the project and look out for the full case study coming soon!

We'll be tuning in to the live online ceremony, taking place on Thursday, November 25 at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. 

B2B Marketing Expo: We'll be there!

We're excited to announce that our founder, Stefano Marrone, will be speaking about how to produce effective branded content at the 2021 B2B Marketing Expo.

Skærmbillede 2021-11-04 kl. 10.57.49

The talk will take place at 12:10 on 17th November at the ExCel London, and we'd love to see you there!

Make sure to register FREE here.  

Past Event: Why Write If Your Customers Don't Read?

As B2C communications embrace causes and experiences, should B2B marketers follow suit, or are there better ways for B2B to stand out?

Event Announcement LI Twitter

“How do users read on the web?”
“They don’t”
- Jakob Nielsen

With ~90% of web pages seen for 90 seconds or less, standing out on the internet is difficult. People don’t read online anymore.

To counter this shift, B2C marketers are embracing causes and experiences communicated through moving image and emotion to shift their products. Should B2B marketers, who often rely on text-heavy evidence-based content, follow suit?

Read here for our event write-up!

Awards: We've been nominated for a B2B Drum Award

The awards for effective business marketing

In the category of Best In-Customer Experience, Live or Virtual Event, we're delighted to announce that our virtual event for UBS has been nominated for a B2B Drum Award!


In-person live experiences, hybrid or virtual and augmented reality, are quickly reshaping the ways we think about how we interact with the physical world. And they're revolutionizing the ways B2B brands can create experiences that sell their products and services. 

With nearly 25 years of experience in sustainable investment management, UBS are the first global wealth manager to make 100% sustainable portfolios their preferred solution above traditional investments. In 2021 and beyond, they continue to put sustainable investing at the heart of their business. To demonstrate this commitment and elevate UBS's position as leaders in sustainability and ESG, Nucco collaborated with UBS Asset Management to create an online live Climate Revolution Conference. To counteract the repetitive nature of online webinars, Nucco produced a new format of online event: a live talk show-style experience hosted by senior UBS executives alongside Nobel laureates and leading environmentalists.

Congratulations to all those that worked on the project! We'll be tuning in to the live online ceremony, taking place on Thursday, November 18 at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. 


Find out more about the project here.  

People News: Cassy Waugh joins Nucco

We are delighted to announce that Cassy Waugh has joined Nucco as our new Client Services Director.  

Cassy Waugh_Nucco

Cassy started her career at Bloomberg and since then has worked agency-side in London in direct, digital, and integrated creative agencies on brands including Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Barclays, FTSE, Visa, Unilever, Orange, Vodafone, AXA Healthcare, Aviva, IKEA, and Nissan.

Cassy is passionate about solving clients’ problems through the delivery of strategic and creative excellence - making beautiful work that creates commercial and communication success for clients.

Cassy brings a real depth and breadth of account management experience to Nucco, and we're excited to have her on board to lead our client services team and support production, creative and new business.  

To connect with Cassy, you can find her on Linkedin here, or send her an email here.  

Press Release: New MD and Brand

The visual storytelling and animation studio, Nucco Brain, has strengthened its senior management team and repositioned itself to capitalise on strong growth.

“When we stopped and looked at the innovative work we do for our clients, including digital streaming events, interactive content programmes, virtual and augmented reality experiences, it became clear that there was an opportunity to build on our existing success as an animation studio and reposition ourselves as communication and experience experts that change behaviour and perspectives”, according to Stefano Marrone, CEO.

As part of the repositioning, the agency describes their work as "beautifully simple," acknowledging their focus on achieving emotional and rational appeal.

Changes to the management team include founder Stefano Marrone shifting to a CEO role to make room for Mark Iremonger to take over as MD in the UK.  With this appointment Mark returns as MD to UNIT9 Group after a twenty-year break during which he led the digital transformation of Proximity BBDO before being CSO, then CEO of Hearst owned iCrossing UK.  Mark will lead the UK business, working with Production Partner Camilla Zucchi, and Creative Partner Alistair Robertson, while Stefano Marrone focuses on growing Nucco’s existing successful business in the US, with Partner Adam Blumenthal.

“Nucco stands on the shoulders of giants with the backing of the world-leading UNIT9 production group.  We have amazing clients and partners, from Google Jigsaw and DeBeers, through the European Space Agency to UBS, JP Morgan and Deloitte.  We have an extraordinarily wide set of creative and technology tools and talent to draw on to create communications and experiences that cut through today’s overwhelming information landscape.  Nucco’s results are extraordinary.”  said Mark Iremonger.

About Nucco

We are communication and experience experts that change behaviour and perspectives. We use the power of creativity in emerging technology to create projects ranging from film and animation through websites and deeply immersive AR and VR experiences.

Nucco is part of UNIT9,  AdAge Production Company of the Year 2019 and Campaign Tech Company of the Year 2020.  One of the world’s leading creative, digital and content production groups.

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