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Content @ Scale: Getting The Most Out Of Your Marketing Materials.

Content at Scale


To start off the year, we want to talk about how you can make the most out of the content that you produce in 2021. With marketing budgets slashed throughout 2020, we’ve seen a rise in cheaper content, smaller ideas and unlinked campaigns. And with brands engaging agencies on a project basis more often than not, how do you ensure that your individual projects tell an overarching story?

As the world has moved to working and connecting online, the phrase “content is king” has become more and more relevant. There is an ocean of content in almost any given topic, and unless your brand has thousands of writers, videographers and designers at hand, constantly producing and publishing, it is almost impossible to compete with the amount of new content that gets uploaded online everyday. On top of that, having a large content creator team is harder to achieve than ever after the pandemic. Considering these circumstances, working with result-oriented production partners and agencies is more essential than ever. One of the best ways agencies work their way out of these limits is by focusing on repurposing and recycling your content. According to SEM Rush and Hubspot, giving a new life to a content you have already created can help you achieve better SEO results and reach more of your target audience.

On January 27th we hosted an event with expert panellists to discuss how you can get more value out of your content throughout your marketing plans for 2021. Joining us we had Mary-Anne Baldwin a Content Consultant and previously Head of Content at B2B Marketing, Rahel Bailie founder of Content, Seriously; and Michela Simonelli who is the Localisation Lead at Babylon Health.

Despite the challenging circumstances of the marketing world our panellists identified that by creating flexible strategies and re-purposable content, you can give your brand the boost it needs by reaching wider audiences. To hear more about how to successfully integrate content repurposing and recycling into your marketing strategy, you can get in touch here.


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