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UBS | DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Harnessing the power of digital interactivity

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The Challenge

With today’s restrictions making live events difficult or impossible, Swiss multinational bank UBS approached Nucco to investigate digital alternatives.

Specifically, they were looking for an engaging way to present their 2021 Market Outlook for Investors – an annual event in which industry experts make predictions for the year ahead.

The Response

First phase

Because we were replacing a physical event, we wanted to capitalise on the interactive capabilities of a digital experience.

The interactive route that we created gave users their own individualised experience by triggering specific video content based on their areas of interest.

Through these unique user journeys, each attendee was presented relevant, insightful content for a valuable experience – without the unnecessary fluff typical of physical events.

See the full experience here.


Second phase

As a follow-up to their Market Outlook website-based digital experience, UBS wanted to present their product suites to their most senior private and institutional clients.

The format chosen was a Netflix style two-part series of sector-specific storytelling episodes highlighting the benefit of a bespoke UBS product.

We produced a video player that allows UBS's clients to watch a two-part documentary-style series that builds UBS's reputation as a financial education and asset management leader.

The two seasons, T.I.N.A. (There Is No Alternative) & F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out), lead the viewer through a unique investment journey that humanises UBS, allowing clients to meet "your experts" and gaining industry insight and analysis.

The digital events saw a 144% increase in user registrations and a 73% completion rate for the experience, allowing UBS to gain insights into their clients like never before. 

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