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UBS | SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE Elevating UBS' position as leaders in sustainable investing

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The Challenge

With nearly 25 years of experience in sustainable investment management, UBS are the first global wealth manager to make 100% sustainable portfolios their preferred solution above traditional investments.

And in a time where ESG factors have become increasingly important for financial performance, partly accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, UBS continue to put sustainable investing at the heart of their business.

The Solution

To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ESG, we collaborated with UBS Asset Management to create an online live Climate Revolution Conference.

To counteract the repetitive nature of online webinars, we sought to produce a new format of online events. The event was set up as an ‘on-live’ talk show-style experience between senior UBS executives, Nobel laureates, and leading environmentalists to discuss the positive impact of financial products on the environment and society.

We created pre-event hype through a social media campaign utilising a series of teaser videos delivered through promoted posts and after the event, we used the content produced to develop a branded content campaign for ongoing engagement.


The pre-event hype and social campaign led to registrations of over double the number of we were targeted. By creating a new online event format that showcased all of UBS’ sustainable finance product suite, all event attendees could have a complete experience. The event defied expectations delivering a 55.3% completion rate compared to the industry average webinar completion rate of 36.6%.

In widening the conversation through social and internal channels, UBS could keep their stakeholders and partners engaged with their commitment to innovating in philanthropy, establishing new standards of doing business sustainably.

UBS AM Sustainability Conference behind the scenesUBS AM Sustainability Conference behind the scenesUBS AM Sustainability Conference speakerUBS AM Sustainability Conference speaker

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