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MERCK | Animated Campaign An informative campaign around biosimilar medicines



Educating prospective customers about your product is highly important, especially in ever-advancing industries like healthcare. Understanding this, biosimilar medicine producers Merck wanted to inform healthcare professionals about the difference between a biosimilar and a biologic, and consequently promote their product to doctors.

The Challenge
Merck approached us to create an informative campaign around biosimilar medicines, consisting of a series of six videos.

Our Solution
We used stylised animation for the video campaign, allowing us to address and explain the complex topic in a simple and engaging manner. The consistent and concise videos had a future tech feel to reflect both the content and their brand colours. As well as delivering Merck fresh and unique branded content, the use of animation provided them with a plethora of reusable assets. Employed across their website and social platforms, the informative video series is now one of Merck’s top sales and marketing tools.

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