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LIFESAVER | LEARNING Using virtual reality to learn CPR

lifesaver vr experience


The challenge
Studies show that if a bystander knows CPR in a medical emergency, chances for survival double. So we created Lifesaver: a crisis simulator that fuses interactivity with live-action film to teach crucial CPR skills and simulations on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

lifesaver vr experience
We also created a VR version of the experience for even more immersive learning. Lifesaver VR delivers results. In tests with a selection of schoolchildren, teenagers’ confidence in performing CPR increased from 38% to 85%. And all those tested said they were more likely or MUCH more likely to perform CPR in a real emergency.


E-Learning Awards 2013: Lifesaver won four gold and one silver award at the E-Learning Awards 2013, the first quadruple gold win.
BAFTA Awards:  Nomination 2013 & 2017
The Webby Awards:  People's Choice winner.
IPA Best of Health Awards:  Digital Media GOLD, Digital Media Best of Show

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