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HSBC | BRAND Financial reports and infographics translated to engaging video content for HSBC


HSBC China's Belt & Road is an ambitious multi-faceted strategy aimed at boosting the flow of trade, capital and services between China and the rest of the world. The project involves over 65 countries, which together account for 29% of global GDP and 63% of the world's population – Chinese president Xi Jinping called it 'the project of the century.'

We created a series of videos to explain features of China's currency, the Renminbi, and outline the opportunities and risks associated with the Belt & Road Initiative to businesses unfamiliar with China's economy.

Our team collaborated closely with HSBC to translate financial reports and infographics into engaging video content by selecting relevant statistics and weaving them into narrative form whilst respecting the Belt & Road Initiative guidelines. This required in-depth research into the video content produced and the marketing strategy established by HSBC's communication team.

This visual approach enabled the core information to transcend language or cultural barriers and reach HSBC's global audience of international stakeholders. The videos have been embedded in the HSBC online platform for investments in China and used as one of the main communication tools by the HSBC marketing team.

The campaign was well-received by HSBC's stakeholders, and Nucco's video features at the top of HSBC China's Belt & Road Initiative website. In total, the video has gathered more than 30,000 views online in the months following its release.

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