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FORD PERFORMANCE | VR Simulations Using VR to see the effects of mindfulness

The hypothesis was simple: to study high-performance race car drivers’ brain activity to find patterns that could help other people face challenging real life situations.

We were asked to work with Ford Performance, King’s College London, OATH and Mindshare to test the theory and investigate real-life applications.

The project
After connecting professional race car drivers to a high-quality EEG, they were placed in virtual reality racing simulations to show how brains function differently under pressure.

The results were staggering. In this high state of focus, their brains performed up to 40% better than an everyday person.

But we also tried the simulator on non-professional drivers. We discovered that when they mentally prepared – using techniques like breathing exercises, meditation and visualisation – their focus and performance improved by as much as 50%.

The result
Our key takeaway from the project was just how powerful these mental techniques can be – and not just for professional drivers. Practicing mindfulness can have long-term benefits for both physical wellbeing and mental health for everyone.

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