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FI GROUP | RE-BRAND A fresh, modern aesthetic that visually communicates the Group’s core values in a single global brand bible



In today’s landscape, it’s important that international brands are able to flex across a range of different markets and cater to a range of distinct demographics.

For global innovation brand FI Group, it was this piece that what was missing from their brand guidelines.

Having started in Spain, FI Group had outgrown their regional branding, and they needed an aesthetic framework that could be tailored to specific locations around the world – as relevant in Brazil as it was in Barcelona – while still being recognisable as part of a single, global family.

Our solution
After a deep dive into FI Group’s existing brand and history, we developed a fresh, modern aesthetic that visually communicated the Group’s core values in a single global brand bible.

Our brand guidelines covered colour palette, typography, iconography, and use of imagery, along with detailed instructions for regional variations. We also delivered a suite of corporate powerpoint templates complete with branded graphs and embedded imagery, making it fast and easy for local branches of the Group to create slick, professional, and above all, consistent presentations.

The new branding has been rolled out across the group, and has been well-received across each of the different locations.

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