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The ESG Gold Rush: How to Tell an Authentic ESG Story

esg gold rush telling an authentic esg story


ESG is a topic of increasing prevalence. 

Marketers and companies are responding by integrating ESG issues into their financial reporting, board agenda, and broader communications.This, however, is proving to be a challenge as there is still much uncertainty around ESG legislation, terminology, and data needs. Telling a relevant, timely and credible ESG story to audiences in a time of extreme public cynicism and awareness only adds to this challenge.

With this in mind, we organized an interactive online panel event that posed the question - how should marketers approach communicating their ESG proposition? And what are the best ways to do it?

Joining us, we had expert panellists alongside our CEO and Founder, Stefano Marrone, who discussed their experiences with ESG and how they’ve overcome their communication challenges.

Matt Sparkes, Global Head of Sustainability at Linklaters leads their work on responsible business globally, ensuring that their ESG performance reflects the expectations of those around them and the advice they provide to clients on many related themes. He is active in a range of sustainability networks, including as co-chair of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, as chair of Business for Societal Impact, as a Board Member of the UNGC-UK Network.

Alison Collins, Director and Head of ESG at Pollen Street Capital, leads the development and management of the Pollen Street Hub – to accelerate growth and value by leveraging assets, expertise and ideas across the portfolio. Alison also has responsibility for running Pollen Street’s ESG program and is Chair of the ESG Committee.

Read our full event write up here.  

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